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Parish Events

Annual Church & Village Fete
Saturday 13th July 2024

A highlight of the year is the annual Church and Village Fete held in July on the Buckhurst Estate Cricket Ground up the private drive beyond the Dorset Arms Pub.

The children from St Michael's Primary School dance around the maypole and the community comes together to enjoy traditional stalls, cream teas and a dog show, plus plenty of other treats in store.

In July 2023, a large number of people made the Fete a happy and successful occasion. 

Screenshot 2024-06-04 094114.png

Community Churchyard Clean Up

We come together twice a year, in late-March and mid-November, as a community to tidy up the churchyard.  Hard work is rewarded with hot soup and sausage rolls.

Study & Lent Groups

At the start of the year, open and friendly weekly sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith took place at The Rectory.


Contact: James & Mary if you would like to be kept informed about future groups.

01892 770069 or 



Study Groups have been held during Lent and at other times

Passover Meal
Maundy Thursday 28th March 2024

On Maundy Thursday we come together in either the Kings' Hall or The Rectory to celebrate Passover.

A chance to share a meal with Church friends and family, to reflect on the events of the Last Supper and to think more about the first Easter.

To book a place or for more information: / 01892 770069

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