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Traditional Worship

Many of our congregation enjoy the traditional aspects of the Christian faith.  With St Michael’s and All Angels steeped in history and maintaining the beautiful, ancient fabric of the church, there is no better place to do this.
Withyham Church has a tradition of choral Anglican worship led by a Choir with a weekly Sunday Morning service of Sung Matins – except for a monthly Sung Eucharist (Holy Communion) – at 11.00am; and Sung Evensong at 6.30pm.  
During lockdown we had short services on Zoom, currently a short service of Matins once a month when the Family Service is in Church.
Regular Pattern of Services 
(see Calendar of Services page for services this month)

1st Sunday - 11am Holy Communion
2nd Sunday - 11am Matins
3rd Sunday - 11am Matins
4th Sunday - 11am Matins
5th Sunday - 11am (at Blackham)

1st & 3rd Sundays - 6.30pm Evensong


All Age for Families

We are delighted that families choose to come together as a community and worship God at the half hour Family Services and our Sunday Zooms.  These are important to us as we seek to provide services in addition to traditional Anglican worship for families and those who value less formal worship.
Prior to Coronavirus, there was a fortnightly Family Service in Church and a monthly Breakfast Church at the Rectory.  During Lockdown we have had held weekly services on Zoom lasting ½ hour including a starter activity, a Bible storey and talk, together with a time of sharing for prayer.

See Calendar of Services for page for Services this month

Traditional Worship: What's Happening
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